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Artwork Requirements

General Info:

For fastest service and accuracy, please e-mail art  to orders@SoldByAngels.com.

We require high resolution images with minimum 300 dpi/150 lpi in the following formats: native Freehand, Photoshop, and  Illustrator (v7 or later) files or high-resolution EPS, JPEG and TIFF image file formats. We can accept Corel Draw and Acrobat PDF files, but this may delay processing.

NO RGB files or images. NO GIF images

One-color and multi-color imprints require a PMS color breakdown and digital art.

Files containing text must include fonts or text converted to paths (recommended).

Art must be sized to approximate imprint area for best results.

Faxed or reproduced artwork cannot be reproduced.

Artwork will be returned upon request. Art for repeat orders is kept on file by order number for minimum of 12 months.

Special Note about Process Colors (4-color printing):

Process color is the blending of four primary colors that provide a wide array of pleasing colors as in print advertising such as magazine ads. Since they are not comprised of pigments, process colors provide an approximate pleasing color match, but not an exact PMS match. PMS color references will be converted to process colors known as CMYK. A Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide can be used to reference similar CMYK values.


Custom logos or art should be supplied as press-ready digital files. Please refer to your product selection page for additional product-specific information. as applicable

Rights and Permissions:

Reproducing Artwork - The customer warrants that by placement of an order with us,

* they have the right to reproduction of a design or logo and;

* that in the event of a claim to the contrary, they will hold SoldByAngels.com and/or it's affiliated companies harmless from prosecution.

More Information: